Monday, July 16, 2007


There's just nothing like a toothless grin!

Happy in her car seat - for now!

Look, Mom, I can stand!

What a cutie!

Happy baby? YES! I'm a happy baby!!!

Sunday, July 15, 2007


Here are a few pics from Fathers' Day

Michael looks happy!

Briana took this picture.

Michael and Briana just couldn't bear to look at the photographer - my sister, Angie (HA HA!)


The Growing Cabrera Family
(I think Alexa was getting tired of all the pictures!)


Okay, call me crazy but I thought this was really neat. Just outside the front door of my parents' house is a bush. About a month ago, this nest was discovered inside. I believe they're robin's eggs, though I'm not positive. I wanted to take pictures because I've never seen live baby birds and it was also fun for the kids to watch.

Here are two of the birds not long after they hatched.

All four are finally here! It seemed like their mouths were always open, and the mother bird was kept busy all day long bringing worms.

Here they are with feathers and all. It didn't take long for them to practice flapping their wings, and soon the nest was empty. It was a great experience while it lasted!


This is Michael's kindergarten class at Temple Baptist Academy in Powell, Tennessee. They did a 2 hour program where they quoted lots of Scripture, sang songs and recited many other things. It was unbelievable! So often, we underestimate our children!

Michael and his teacher, Mrs. Deeringer - what an amazing lady!

Briana loved getting in on this picture of our graduate.

Daddy was not able to come because he was working in Maryland, but he and Mommy both are very proud of Michael. He was an excellent student and learned SO much!

Kids grow up so fast. I can't believe my baby has already graduated from kindergarten!


This was Alexa's very first Easter. My mom bought her this dress along with cute little pink slippers that matched.

Here's Michael and Briana all decked out in their fancy new duds. Briana and Alexa had matching sweaters. Briana said that they were both pretty princesses and that Michael was the handsome king.
Michael is so proud to be the big brother of two sisters. He and Briana both want to hold Alexa all the time!
Briana is a loving, doting sister who sometimes squeezes just a little too hard!
We are so thankful for our three blessings. We hope you had a very Happy Easter!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007


I know, I know, I've been awful at this! For a while after we moved to Maryland, we only had AOL dial-up. ( I DO NOT recommend it - it's SO frustrating!!!) But now we have high-speed internet, and it will be quicker and easier to get our pictures on here (when we take the time to actually do it!). I hope you keep checking. I will get pictures on here...eventually!!! :)