Thursday, April 19, 2007


Bet ya didn't know that Charlie has a twin!
Yup! That's Charlie and Charlene!!!


I know we've been REALLY SLOW about adding to our blog page, but we'll try to do better!

The week of March 25, we traveled north to Maryland and New Jersey to visit family. We went to the Philadelphia Zoo with John's mom, sister and our 3 nieces. It was my first time in Philadelphia. We had a great time!

Michael didn't care too much for the rhino's smell!

Kristen, Kelly Ann and Michael posed for the picture. Briana refused to turn around and Kara was too busy biting her fingernails to worry about smiling for the camera.

Here's MomMom and Michael with a buffalo
or something in the background.

This peacock was really struttin' his stuff for the camera!

That's just beautiful!

That's just hilarious!

We hope you enjoyed the trip to the zoo. Thanks for visiting. Come back soon! Easter pictures are on the way!

MomMom, Pam (holding Alexa), John, Michael,
Kelly Ann, Briana, Kristen, Kara & Tracie

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Such a Cutie!!!

Sorry it has been such a ling time....but things have a way of becoming so crazy so quickly. Here are a few more recent pics of the kids and of when Pams family was able to get into town.

Oh Yes!~She is a PRINCESS!!

But I am not sure where she gets it from.

Pams parents and younger sister came to visit.
Family picture at the church the night of Alexas Dedication.


Michael and Briana get most of there physical characteristics from there mothers side of the family. That and Michael was born in the south, you know how the mountains have such an affect on people.Who knew, he just happened to have a little more influence on his sister than i ever imagined.

Thanks again and come back later for more great fun.