Monday, June 30, 2008


So many of you have asked about Briana and shared with us that you have been praying for us. I want to use this post to thank each and every one of you. We are very grateful for all the prayers that have been lifted up on our behalf. Your concern for Briana especially has been such a blessing to me. I am very happy to report that she is doing exceptionally well. She is back to her normal self - running, jumping, riding her bike, fighting - oh, I mean playing with her brother, and, of course, watching TV. She's the TV queen. (We are trying to cut back, though!) It will still be some months before our skin color returns to normal, so we're not sure if there will be scarring, but we are just so thankful that it wasn't worse than it was and that we are both okay. God is so good - all the time! Thank you all again for your prayers and well wishes!
Here's a couple of pics of her healed legs:

Don't they look great?!?!?


That's my boy - cheesin' away!

Someone else, on the other hand, wasn't quite so thrilled.

But she was much better when she got to sit with Christian!

Congratulations to Briana on finishing your book and getting your Cubbie Bear!

Conrgatulations to Michael on finishing TWO books in one year!