Thursday, November 29, 2007


This is the group that gathered together in New Jersey
to say "bye" to John's mom - known to all her granchildren
as MomMom. She moved down to the Tampa area where
she has a new house, a new car and a new job! She's also
enjoying the warmer weather and reading books on the
beach. Sounds good to me! Anyone want to take a trip to
Florida soon?!?

These are the cousins - left to right from top:
Kara, Briana, Kristen, Kelly Ann, Michael, Alexa.
They LOVE spending time together!

Me, Mom and her grandchildren. Yes, Michael is her only
grandson (but only until March or April). Michael was also
born on MomMom's birthday.

John and his two lovely sisters, Tracie and Ali

One big happy family!

MomMom, favorite daughter-in-law, and
youngest granddaughter

Mom and her baby boy

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Alex "Michael" Cabrera - 6 years old

Briana Lynne Cabrera - 4 years old

Alexa Maxine Cabrera - 9 months old


It's hard to believe how quickly
children grow. Alexa is now 9 and
a half months old. These are from
October and November:

Alexa is modeling a "coon skin" hat that Daddy
brought home from his trip to Texas.
He also brought a Southwest Airlines
pilot's cap that she wasn't too thrilled
about at first...

...but we got her to come around.

She is showing us how she waves

You just can't get much cuter than this

We love this picture!

Doesn't she look SO BIG?

Our littlest Princess loves to stand and "walk".

Alexa is cute and Mommy is as tired as she looks

Splish, splash - I'm in the big tub!

Yes, this is the same picture as the first - oops.

Daddy makes me laugh!


Here are some really cute pics of
the girls together in their matching
outfits from Grandma:


It's time to have a little fun with
Daddy! Are we excited? Yes!!!

Catch me, Daddy!

It's a little blurry, but he had a really
funny face. He was making us laugh
the whole time with his silly antics.

Not a bad spread eagle!

Good thing he trusts Daddy!

Okay, so Daddy had to have a little
fun by himself, too:

Here goes the brave Princess!

What a face!

And again, what a face!

Every boy needs to be held upside
down by his Daddy!

Just too cute for words:

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