Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Latest News

Hi everyone! The Cabrera clan is doing well. Michael is enjoying his new school though it is much smaller than Temple. Kindergarten and first grade are combined. There are three kids in K5 and seven in 1st. He, of course, is one of the BIG 1st graders! Briana is my helper at home. Well, sometimes she helps. She's more interested in seeing what's on PBS! Either that or she's begging me to put on a video for her. Only 4 years old and already a t.v. addict! Alexa is growing like a weed. At 7 months, she just learned how to roll from back to belly the other night. She mastered belly to back a while ago. She has two teeth now. Yes, she has bitten me while nursing, but I must say that she does much better than Michael and Briana did - they bit me a lot! She's not crawling yet, but then her brother and sister never crawled. They went straight to cruising and both were walking at 10 months. Alexa prefers to be on her feet. She squeals with delight when you let her hold your fingers so she can walk around the room. It's so funny watching her because she's so tiny! She is such a joy. Hopefully I will get some recent pics of the kids on here soon, but I wanted to write just so you'd have something new to look at! Thanks for visiting the Five Crazy Cabreras' blog page! Come again soon!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Happy 4th Birthday "Princess" Briana

The Day She has so patiently been waiting "4".


Here with another princess who traveled all the way from New Jersey
to celebrate this special day. Princess Kara.

A friend from Brianas Sunday School Class, Holland, also

looking like a princess for a princess party.What a great time we had by all who had attended. Here with her friend Alisa, and her Aunt Ali in the back. Smiling for a picture after opening a princess tea set from Alisa. Thank you Alisa.
How about some cheese with that Smile!!!!

Aunt Gigi and Alexa spending quality time at Chuck E Cheese.

Ok so maybe one is having more fun then the other:)

From the left to the right we have Alissa(My Favorite Sister), Pamela(My Beautiful Wife) and Tracie(My Not So Favorite Sister).

Tracie I Love You!!!!!!!!:)

And ofcourse boys will be boys. Michael and i spending time together putting fires out trying to save the mayor from the burning building. Sorry we have to tell you that the mayor did not make it. Everyone enjoying some pizza and watching some Chuck E TV.

Thank you Uncle Bumper for coming to my party!!!

Im not sure but I think Alisa won.

Would anyone like some cake?
How sweet a face!!!!!!
Now the best part of Chuck E Cheese.
Ticket Redemption.
Thanks for Coming Every One
And now the Best part of being a princess
is getting her Beauty Sleep.

Good Night "Sleeping Beauty"