Monday, March 5, 2007

Things seem to be moving

Pam and Alexa are getting some much needed time together. Just last night Pam thought it be a good thing to stay up with Alexa from 2am to 4am. Personally, I dont see the need of spending precious time awake at a time that could be used for sleeping. But then again, I dont hear Alexa calling my name that late at night.

Michael is getting close to having his first year of school over. I can not believe all of the things that he has been taught. He is just about everyday coming home telling of what he has learned.

Mrs. Deeringer you are amazing.

Thank you

"Princess" Briana, What more do we have to say.

She is my rotten spoiled one. She knows she has me wrapped all over her fingers. With nothing that i can do to regain my control.

Oh Well!!!!

As many of you may know, I have been in the process of applying for a Fed. Gov. job. Well the first two interviews, testing and physical have gone well. Please continue to Pray for me this coming Tuesday 13, March. Another step in the hiring process, which could take up to 6 hours, is scheduled to begin at 9:00am.